How To: Gravity Defying Hair

Check out our brand new Extreme Volume Kit and top tips for creating sky-high volume.

We’re just going to go ahead and say it, limp and lifeless hair is never a vibe. The truth of the matter is that creating full and voluminous hair can be v difficult without the correct styling products, for instance, anything that claims to be moisturising, hydrating or creamy should be an instant no-go for those who want lifted roots and fuller strands.


Christophe Robin Delicate Volume Shampoo And Conditioner

The first product in our kit is the Christophe Robin Delicate Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, this will gently cleanse while restoring volume and body. Its acid pH also closes the hair cuticles to reduce pigment loss and maintain a vibrant, fresh-looking colour. We recommend you shampoo twice, the first round will start to loosen any residue and the second will really cleanse it out, then condition to seal the cuticle and lock in moisture.


NAK Root Lift Mist

Next you’re going to apply the NAK Root Lift Mist directly to towel dried hair, we recommend sectioning it up to make sure you get maximum coverage. This will amplify volume, body and bounce before blow drying.



This part is up to you! When blow drying, a “rough dry” is key, blast the air all over your hair while roughening up the roots with your fingers. When using a brush pull hair up and blast heat from underneath to add body. Finish the ends off by rounding them under. You can also blow dry with a paddle brush and then end with the rounded brush.


NAK Finishing Spray

To finish any look and really lock in the volume, we love the NAK Finishing Spray. This firm hold hairspray has a take-no-prisoners approach, while still giving you the time to work with your hair. It’s formulated without water, dries quickly, and is humidity resistant.

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